Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Safety

Grand Rapids Curfew Law

11 years and under must be in by 10:00PM
12-14 years must be in by 11:00PM
15-16 years must be in by Midnight

Neighborhood Watch

You can help prevent crime in your area and get to know your neighbors at the same time. Organize your block and connect with the Neighborhood Watch Network to produce a healthier and safer environment where you live.

Silent Observer

Silent Observer provides a number of safe and anonymous ways of reporting crime. You can give information by phone, web, or text message. If you have any information that could solve a murder, robbery, rape, burglary, or any other felony crime call 616.774.2345 or visit our website

GRPD Online Reporting Feature

These reports are intended to be used for a crime where the victim DOES NOT KNOW WHO THE OFFENDER IS.  If the victim has an offender in mind, then a phone or personal report should be taken.  This tool is intended to be used by the public for their convenience.  It is not intended to be a solution that allows police to turn customers away when they would like to report a crime by phone or in person.  It can be offered to citizens as an alternative to other reporting methods. Examples of such crimes are Gas-Drive Offs, Harassing Phone Calls, Thefts, Theft from a Motor Vehicle, and Vandalism.

Crime Mapping

The Grand Rapids Police Department community mapping solution provides public access to crime data. When entering the site you make choose the state and then city to where you would like to check the crime reported. You may also change the dates on the top to look at different times of the year and how it affects the crime. The crimes will be displayed with symbols once you click on them it will tell the type of crime and date it has occurred.

Free Home Security Survey

Do you want to find out if your home is secure? You can have the JBAN Crime Prevention Organizer survey your home at no cost. Along with the survey, you can receive simple security tips that will help you to make your home more safe and secure.

Operation ID

You can borrow an engraver from JBAN to write your name or initials on your television, stereo, camera, and other valuables. By deciding to do this you can aid the police to return your property if it is stolen.

Window Pinning

You can help secure your windows to prevent break-ins. JBAN can provide both window pins and the use of a drill to all of the residents in the area. A demonstration of window pinning can also be provided upon request.

Victim Assistance

JBAN can assist you in a number of cases when you are the victim. If you are fearful after a burglary in your home, unsure about whom to call for your case, anxious about going to court, or any similar situation give JBAN a call today. You don’t have to continue feeling like a victim.

Bicycle Licensing

You can come to the JBAN offices any time they are open for free bicycle licensing. This is a bicycle friendly community; make use of yours for transportation and recreational needs.