Personal Safety

Prevent a Crime

-Light up the block—turn on the outside lights

-Be observant—Watch and report suspicious activity

-Lock up doors and windows

-Clear your car and lock it

-Report trouble right away


When you call 911

Be sure to describe:


-Type of crime you think is happening or about to happen

-Address of where the crime is occurring

-Number of people involved

-Any weapons seen

-Suspect description:





               -clothing description


The officer might see the suspect blocks away and because of your description of clothing the officer can stop and question him.

While you are still answering questions with the police operator, a separate dispatcher can send out a cruiser—Answering questions does not slow down the police response. Your information will help police officers be more effective.

Crime Reporting Numbers

911   for emergencies or crime in progress (police)

456-3400 barking dogs, thefts, noise, non-emergencies

456-9190 John Ball Area Neighbors-Crime Prevention Organizer

Alert your neighbors too-we can help

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