Potential Changes to Grand Rapids Zoning Ahead

Neighbors and Friends,

Recently, the Grand Rapids Planning Commission made some significant recommendations for the Grand Rapids City Commission to vote on in the coming weeks. Many neighbors have been taken aback by the seemingly aggressive nature of these proposals. Regardless of your stance in support or opposition, a healthy dialogue is always helpful. There is a scheduled meeting for Saturday, February 17th from 4:00-7:00pm at the West Grand Neighborhood Organization Offices. Neighbors and interested parties are invited to listen, learn, ask questions, and offer insight in reflection and reaction to the proposals.

If you have questions about the zoning changes proposed, you can read the Draft of the Planning Commission Meeting minutes by downloading THIS DOCUMENT. Here you will not only find the recommendations proposed to the City Commission, but the discussion surrounding their resolution(s).

If you’d rather watch or listen, a portion of the Planning Commission’s discussion surrounding the Housing NOW proposals and the resolution made to recommend zoning changes to the Grand Rapids City Commission can be accessed here on YouTube: WATCH NOW

Part of the proposed changes are only applicable to certain parcels and properties through Grand Rapids. Our Westside friends at West Grand Neighborhood Association have organized maps showing various colors to denote proximity to thoroughfares for reference. Access all neighborhood maps here:  TAKE A LOOK AT MAPS INDICATING POTENTIALLY IMPACTED AREAS IN GR 

These proposals were made in response to the Housing NOW recommendations that many city leaders and local residents took part in. Learn more about that committee, its process, and its own list of recommendations by clicking on the picture below.





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Thanks for making the Westside the Bestside!

The John Ball Area Neighbors