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Board Meeting Cancelled for Wed. Dec. 13th

There will be no meeting on Wednesday night, December 13th at 6pm, due to Weather and Driving Conditions.


Bundle up and tend to those sidewalks when you can, and don’t hesitate to help a neighbor in need. Travel times are exceedingly long in the Grand Rapids Area. Plan ahead and keep warm.

We will post any rescheduling details, or we may update our members here online and look forward to January’s Meeting on January 10th at 6:00pm.

Membership Is Easy!

We are hoping you will ALL join our neighborhood association. The John Ball Area Neighbors staff and board have many great opportunities to engage with you, your family, and your neighbors as we all work together to keep the WestSide the BestSide.

Fill this form out and email it back to, or print it and drop it off to Lincoln Lodge at Lincoln Park (1120 Bridge Street NW).

You can pay by cash or check, volunteer instead of paying, or simply use debit or credit to finalize your application at

Membership Fee Structure can be located HERE!

You can download the form to print and fill out, or electronically fill out and email! Check this year’s membership form out below!

Fill this out and scan or email to our board chair at or simply drop it off with the JBAN staff inside the Lodge at Lincoln Park!

Join JBAN!

Please consider joining your local neighborhood association. Your membership comes with the discount card pictured below. Family members will receive 2 cards and individual members will have their own to carry around and frequent our local businesses. Thanks to all who support the John Ball Area Neighbors!

Earn your membership dues back in less than a week!

A FREE family-friendly Halloween event on MONDAY, Oct. 23.

Join the John Ball Area Neighbors at the Goei Center at 818 Butterworth SW on Monday night October 23rd. All children will leave with a headstart on their Halloween Candy and will have painted at least one pumpkin to be delivered to a child who cannot trick or treat this year. Dinner included!

Don’t Miss This Annual Neighborhood Event!